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Natoma Manors is a small subdivision of Coconut Grove, also known colloquially as The Grove which is the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood of Miami in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States; sometimes spelled "Cocoanut Grove" but the definitive spelling "Coconut Grove" was established when the city was incorporated in 1919.

The Natoma Manors neighborhood's homes are generally older, mostly built around the 1950's to 1970's. However, the developers have recently targeted the Natoma Manors neighborhood for building new construction homes. In Natoma Manors the mix of new homes and old homes really adds to the charm of the sleepy neighborhood. In addition to old homes, Natoma Manors is home to nearly 40 to 50 peacocks roaming the streets and it really is quite amazing how the peacocks have seemed to integrate into this neighborhood like nowhere else in Miami (some people love it, some not so much...).
Another notable fact about Natoma Manors is the police patrol. On any given day they are at least two police cruisers driving or parked in the Natoma Manors and Bay Heights neighborhoods. This extra police patrol is paid for by the two neighborhoods each neighbor contributes a portion of their taxes to the police patrol District. Natoma Manors uses an undercover police car that changes every few weeks. This is a great crime deterrent as these two neighborhoods are near the safest neighborhoods in Miami.

One of the most unknown and exceptional things about the Natoma Manor neighborhood is Mercy Hospital emergency power grid. As a homeowner what this means is when everyone else has a power outage FPL (Florida Power& Light) does their best to get the hospital running first, therefore, Natoma Manors is rarely without power and is the first to see the FPL trucks after a big storm or hurricane. THIS IS AWESOME!!!