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The below email is the answer I received from the Assistant Director of the City of Miami's Department of Resilience and Public Works

Mr Echeverria:

Good afternoon. Please, refer to responses below, in red.


Please, let me know if I can be of any further assistance,

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Dear Joe,


Thank you for reaching out and introducing me to Juvenal and Charles. I appreciate your willingness to assist the Natoma Manors Homeowners Association (HOA) with our questions regarding changes in street signs and traffic patterns in our neighborhood.


Hello Juvenal and Charles,


I hope this email finds you well. I am Felipe Echeverria, a board member for the Natoma Manors HOA in Coconut Grove. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with both of you, as I understand you are the Director and Assistant Director, respectively, for the Department of Resilience and Public Works. Your expertise and experience in handling traffic-related matters are greatly appreciated.


Our HOA has raised concerns about recent changes in street signs and traffic patterns within our neighborhood. We believe it is crucial to maintain safe and efficient traffic conditions for the well-being of our residents. Therefore, we would greatly value your assistance and guidance in addressing our questions and resolving the issues that have arisen:

1.- The no left turn sign was removed from the Alatka and Bayshore corner. This has affected the residents and       traffic in the neighborhood tremendously. Since this sign was removed the algorithms on map apps and ride apps such as Uber or Lift, have been updated and directing traffic to go through the neighborhood, putting in danger kids at play, having a meaningful increase in traffic flow, and a huge increase of drivers not respecting speed limits or stop signs. There is too much traffic going through this residential area trying to get to Mercy Hospital and La Salle High School. (see attached photo of sign)

Please, notice that the previously existing left turn restriction was only effective between 7am and 930am. That sign seemed to have been removed by Miami-Dade County about a year ago when the traffic signals were updated at this intersection, and pavement markings (pavement arrows) were installed allowing for left, thru and right turn southbound movements. Please note that per Miami-Dade County code section 2-96.1, the County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works holds exclusive jurisdiction over all traffic control devices (including signing) in all incorporated and unincorporated areas and roadways.

2.-What are our alternatives?  Can we permanently close Alatka as other neighborhoods have closed streets? Can we get back the no left turn sign? Can we add no left turn signs on SW 17th Ave. and Nocatee Dr?

As mentioned above, Miami-Dade County has exclusive jurisdiction over traffic (and street closures). Additionally, South Bayshore Drive as well as SW 17 Avenue are roadways under Miami-Dade County jurisdiction.

3.-Roadway improvements to South Bayshore drive from Darwin Street to Mercy Way: This project consists of the reconstruction of South Bayshore from Darwin Street to Mercy Way. Improvements consist of, but not limited to, roadway reconstruction, new drainage, new lighting, new signing and pavement marking....It would be wise to solve the sign problem while a crew is working on the area, immediate savings

The plans currently being designed by Miami-Dade County for South Bayshore Drive do not include replacing the previous left turn restriction sign at this intersection. See plan caption, below.

4.-The neighborhood is still owed 2 speed bumps that were supposed to go on Nocatee Dr.

A traffic study was conducted for the East Grove / Natoma Manors neighborhood, which concluded that traffic calming devices were warranted for the intersection of Nocatee Dr and Hilola St, and for the block of Nocatee Dr between Halissee St and Alatka St. Construction of these traffic calming devices is pending allocation of funding.

I trust that as esteemed professionals in your field, you will be able to provide the necessary support and insights. Please feel free to share any relevant information, resources, or recommendations that could help us better the actual traffic and safety conditions. Additionally, if there are any upcoming meetings or forums where we can discuss these matters further, please let me know, and I will ensure our HOA representatives are present.


Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I eagerly await your response. If there are any documents or specific details you require from us, please do not hesitate to ask. Your support is highly valued and appreciated.

Best regards,


Felipe Echeverria


This is the confirmation of the request made to the county about the no left turn sign on Alatka.(Also saved under documents tab).